Tall White Privilege by John Kelly

I wrote today, on Facebook, about white privilege.
quite eruditely I thought – I’m white, so why would I think any other way?
I was taunting someone who felt picked-on because he was white.
“What do you expect you c*nt?” I thought.
We’ve enslaved, and suppressed, non-whites for centuries, and now they’re getting uppity about it.
Also today, in the car, on radio 6, they talked about cunts like me
6 foot 3.
Janice, 5 foot 2, said: “why do tall people always stand in front of me at festivals?”
I realised then I had not just white privilege, but tall white privilege.
Like your shade of skin, you’re never really aware of… your height
I stoop, therefore I am.
I always have – mostly due to painful shyness inside
but sometimes, just to be able to hear my short friends.
At Victorious, someone stood in front of me: 6 foot 6 at least
I couldn’t see, and I thought… c*nt

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