Did You Love Me, Did I Love You? by Philip Wilson

Well did you?
Did I?
Yes we did,
too much.
We fell over each other,
cajoling ourselves to do the best for each other.
Scared at the end to speak,
so we did not hurt each other.
The love so deep that silence was golden
we did not cut deep scars into our souls that way.
Touch had become full of remorse
and guilt so rarely happened.
The one act we did together,
without regret,
was to give our daughter all our love and which proved to be
our best success.
We created a woman of fire,
with a burning understanding and zest for life.
She attracted a man of equal passion
and flame,
so our love will forever be alive,
used as we intended, for and by the child we dreamed off.
As it should.

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